Monday, July 16, 2012

Third Pair of Toms Ballet Flats- Beige, Leopard Print

Was walking around Richmond Centre to look for a birthday for a friend and suddenly spotted some Toms ballet flats in a store called "Street".  Woah...they are back in Vancouver!  I had to pick up another pair as I never bought my "correct " size and they are oh so comfortable!  I asked for the price of the leopard print in beige and the sales rep. said they were $90.00CAD.  I bought them without a second thought!  As some of my readers may know that I had my 2nd pair of Toms flats from the Toms website and with shipping and everything it came to roughly $120.00CAD.  This to me felt like a steal!  I guess this shall be an early bday present for me to justify spending this money on yet another pair of Toms flats.  :p

I am so happy that finally they are locally found and finally I bought my correct size!  I normally wear a size 7US for shoes and I own a size 6US, 6.5US and 7US for the Toms ballet flats and I have concluded that the size 6.5US fits the best.  If you guys are looking for the Toms ballet flats, they can be found in Richmond Centre now- wide selection too.  Oh, by the way, the store "Street" was actually  Below the Belt.  At least that is what it said on my shopping

I own 3 pairs of regular Toms (in size 7US) and 3 pairs of Toms ballet flats.
Note: If you are shopping online- For the ballet flats I would recommend you order half a size down from your normal shoe size.  For regular Toms, just order your regular shoe size.


  1. lovely :)
    kisses from mexico

  2. I love those so much, mainly because they actually look comfortable. Some of those flats are tougher on the feet because they're too flat, imho... <3

    xo - Tina

    1. lol..I agree! The Toms flats are actually one of the more comfortable pair of flats I own. Keds made comfortable flats but they tend to be more casual whereas these Toms can be dressed up or down!

      Thanks for commenting! I appreciate the comments and love to hear from ppl that read my blog~