Friday, November 9, 2012

Boiling Point Richmond- Taiwanese Hot Pot

Was having a lunch date with some girlfriends and we were not sure where to eat until one of my friend recommended us to try Boiling Point in Richmond, BC.  Boiling Point is a Taiwanese hot pot place where each person has their own small hot pot.  The menu is simple and the price ranges from $10.00-$15.00CAD and it comes with rice and a drink(cold green or black tea).  You can also choose the spiciness of your dish from non spicy to mild to extreme.  They also have stinky tofu here! YUM.  The stinky tofu is actually called fermented tofu and it's in the House Special!  The pictures below are from my second time here!  I would definitely go back as I still have a few more hot pots I would love to try out!  If you are in the mood for something bubbling hot and steamy, do check this place out!  I do warn you, if you like meat..this place may not satisfy you..perhaps order another side order of meat on the side?  There are many things you can order as extra food from meats to quail egg to fermented tofu.  They have some sauces on the table for you to mix and dip your food.  One of them was a chili oil, one was a garlic based sauce and one was some sort of chilli sauce.

I have also tried their shaved ice and it is the real thing!  It's actually the infused shaved ice and not just ice with toppings.  I do recommend their shaved ice! Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the shaved ice as I had neglected to bring my camera that time. -____-

Apparently there are several of these stores in States and this is the first one opened in the lower mainland.  Exciting!  :)

Location:  #130-4800 #3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X3A6
(604) 284-5168
Official website:

Pictures from my second visit to the Boiling Point!

the simple menu
chili oil and chili flakes
chili sauce
garlic sauce
the 3 sauces
green tea!
House Special Hot Pot
Beef Hot Pot- mild spicy
the fire!
picture of the steamy food before we ate!
 Happy eating guys! :D


  1. Wow! I have never been to that restaurant before, but I sure would like to go! : D

    1. you should! It's yummy and it is the season now to eat hot pot! :D