Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mini Vacation- Seattle

Went to Seattle for a mini vacation a few months back and haven't posted pictures!  We went to do a little shopping and wandering.  I finally got to eat at the Kingfish Cafe!  I couldn't make it for dinner as they open only for brunch/lunch and then close mid afternoon until 5:30PM for dinner. I had to check in to my hotel so we didn't feel like moving the car out after checking in so we decided to eat at the Kingfish Cafe for brunch the next day.  We started our first meal at the usual: Jack in the Box!  I had a burger and my bf had a steak melt. 
Jack in the Box- artery clogging goodness!
at least mine had some veggies
ooey gooey cheesy
stopped by the outlet and had a Starbucks
Our next meal was a PF Chang.'s at the Alderwood Mall.  I had PF Chang's once before in Portland and it wasn't very good.  As I am Chinese, it was weird to eat Chinese food that didn't taste at all like Chinese food.  We decided to give this restaurant another go as it seems popular and we are technically trying a different location, different location = different chef.  This meal wasn't bad!  But it wasn't good, everything was a tad salty.  My bf liked it more than me as he love flavorful food!  We ordered a beef noodle dish and a honey fried chicken dish.  The meal came with rice.  Would I recommend this place? can definitely find better food around here.  It's not a cheap restaurant either so yeah...keep looking!
PF Chang's at Alderwood Mall
fruity non alcoholic drinks
3 sauces that they give you to mix
strawberry orange slush
strawberry lemonade
3 sauces at the table
beef noodle
honey fried chicken

free fortune cookies- my bf said I took his, mine was the one on top-it makes sense as he's not into
heading into downtown Seattle
I bought my bf his bday gift at the outlet.  A Fossil wallet and a Fossil watch! :)  I bought myself a 4gig USB at Forever 21 and 2 Domokun figurines at Urban Outfitters, the figurines were $1.99.  There were 6 possibilities of different Domokuns but somehow my bf and I chose the same ones!  We decided to decorate it our own way to differentiate them.
F21 mimobot- 4gig
After checking in to our hotel, we went to scavenge for food around the neighborhood.  As we are staying in downtown, we decided to eat at the Pike Place Chowder!  YUMMMMMMmmmmMMm.  We ordered a large clam chowder, small mac n cheese and a cod fish and chips combo.  Oh, the greasy deliciousness!Mac n cheese wasn't too awesome, don't order that!  The fish and chips were okay..but the best is always the clam chowder, they have yet to disappoint me!
Location: Pacific Place Center
600 Pine St, 4th floor
Seattle, WA 98101
Pike Place Chowder @ Pacific Place Center
greasy deliciousness!
mac n cheese- was super cheesy but not flavourful..perhaps bland
crunch crunch!
oyster crackers for the clam chowder!
Kingfish cafe!
The next morning we decided to head out to our final food location!  Kingfish Cafe!  I was so excited that I actually woke up in the middle of the night to read up on their menu.  I really wanted to try the fried chicken!  When we got there, it was already busy but we got seated right away at the window seats.   I ordered the chick'n waffle and my bf ordered the crabcake dewey with herbed hollandaise.   I also wanted to try biscuits and gravy as I never ever had it before.  My bf wanted extra meat, so he ordered some patties. Oh man my fried chicken was awesome! The waffles were good too!  The biscuits and gravy was melt in your mouth delicious!  My bf's catfish crabcakes were pretty good too!  I love this place and will be coming back for their dinner option!  I really want to eat the fried chicken again!  I can't wait to stop by here again, next time we shall tackle dinner!
menu part 01
menu part 02
inside Kingfish Cafe
biscuits and gravy
catfish crabcake with salad and fruit

chicken and waffle with syrup and butter!!

side of patties
Happy eating and reading! :D



  1. Great photos! It looks like Seattle has some great places to enjoy food! Is there a particular restaurant that you would suggest? I've heard there are so many great places, it's hard to choose just one!

    1. Hi Sue,

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I suggest stopping by at Kingfish Cafe in Seattle, Beth's Cafe and Pike Place Chowder for lunch/dinner. I really loved Macrina Bakery for the pastries and cakes. I have blogged about these places for food in this link: