Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gmarket order in October 2012

Bought a few items on Gmarket again.  I ordered a few items, a skirt, tops, a watch and a bag. 

I purchased this 2D bag because it reminded me of the Jump From Paper bags.  It doesn't cost as much as those bags and it looks just as cute!  I do want to own one of the authentic one`s and not the inspired one`s BUT the authentic bags range from $60.00-$90.00USD and I am not even sure if they ship to Canada.  If they do, shipping would probably cost a bunch as well so why not purchase an inspired by version on Gmarket?  These type of bags are more of a novelty thing as they can`t much inside.  It`s not your practical everyday bag but they are sure cute!  When the bag opens up it is only about 3 inches wide at the bottom and then it tapers out on top.  I don`t know when I would use this as I carry a lot of items in my day to day will use this when I am on vacation.  :D
It costs about $20.00CAD
Jump From Paper Shop Link:

one button-magnetic
bottom of the bag
zipper on the bag
Next item, the burgundy long skirt.  When I pulled out the skirt from the wrapping I realized how ridiculously small the waist band looked like it can only fit a teenager.  I tried it on and it is quite comfortable and stretchy.  I think a size 2-4 would fit the skirt perfectly.  I wear a size 4-6 so it was acceptable but not the comfort level I prefer.  The fabric is thick so it is a suitable Fall skirt!  It costs about $12.00CAD
I also bought the top that was modeled on the mannequin.  Oh boy that was not the best choice, it's super wide!  It is a pretty adorable printed shirt.  I think this would only look good tucked into something or worn with a pair of low rise shorts.  It's a little strange..why would it be made so wide?!  Good thing the tops don't cost much.  It costs about $9.00CAD
paired with the skirt
weird sleeves
I don't remember why I purchased this grey top(picture below)'s translucent and cropped strangely.  I don't have a picture of me modelling this and I don't recommend this top...I really don't know why I bought it.... -____-
My bf needed a new watch so I surfed Gmarket and found a lego inspired watch!  Oooo looked awesome!  I gave it to him when it arrived and I didn't have my camera on me so I took some photos of it with my itouch and the quality is not too good.  The watch costs about $14.00CAD
Link to watch:
front of watch
back of watch
Happy shopping everyone!


  1. That bag is crazy cool! I thought I was looking at an illusion because it looks 2d. I love how even though it looks completely flat it has a bottom and everything. Love the skirt too. Awesome haul!! :)

    1. I love the bag too, but it's really not practical!

      thanks for commenting!