Saturday, June 9, 2012

eBay colour block dress

Purchased a maxi 2 tone bustier dress from eBay.  Ah..the pictures are misleading and I don't think I will be buying clothes from eBay ever again as the quality reminds me of the chinese wholesale sites.  This dress totally looks different from what I thought it would be.  The skirt inside is up to the knee and not full length.  I would not recommend to buy this dress.  Good thing it was only $12.76USD and free shipping to Canada. I would only be wearing this on the beach as a cover up.

excuse the box of cereal on the floor



  1. I ordered a dress from ebay as well. The material did not look like the material used in the photos. I asked for a full refund because the seller's post did not say anything about the item not appearing exactly as shown in photos. It will take a few emails back and forth but they will eventually give you a refund to avoid negative feedback.

    1. OOooOO..I didnt know that it can be returned! Thanks for letting me know~ :)

    2. i didn`t return the dress because shipping would be way more than what i paid for the dress (shipping to another country from canada is crazy...). i told the seller that and he or she gave me a refund.
      Good luck!