Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kirby's Korner- Nutrilite and Legacy of Clean

Ordered some items from a friends online store.  Bought the Nutrilite Vitamin C boost twist tubes and Fruits and Vegetable twist tubes, some multi purpose wipes and a bathroom cleaner.  The shipping cost from the site is free when you spend over $120.00CAD or $9.95CAD if you spend less than $49.95CAD.  I bought my stuff with my bf who needed vitamins and stuff so I made it over $120.00CAD.

The veggie twist tubes contain 2 portions of fruit and veggies in each...or so it claims!  I mainly use these just because I have trouble drinking water by itself.  I used to use Tetley green tea infusions but realized that they simply make my water taste better but has no other benefits.  At least least one's might do something other than flavour my water.  :)  I bought 2 packs of the Vitamin C one's and 1 pack of the fruits and veggies.  There are 20 twist tubes in each box.  There are other flavours but I am not 100% sure what.  I know there is one that is suppose to help your joints and its raspberry flavoured.  What's cool about these twist tubes is that I don't have to shake my water after I pour it in!  It just magically diffuses! 
Link: http://kirbyskorner.mychoices.biz/Shop/Shop.aspx?L=T
Health in tube format...lol
The fruit and veggie one tastes like mango juice and costs $22.99 per box.  I like this flavour a lot but since I don't mind eating real fruits and veggies, this is not for me for the long term.  I really bought this for the flavour..lol
Link: http://www.amway.ca/KirbyTham/Shop/Product/Product.aspx/NUTRILITE-Fruits-Vegetables-2GO-Twist-Tubes?itemno=110538&dsNav=N:4294967214-4294965506
fruits and veggie 2go!
The vitamin C taste like strawberry kiwi.  I actually drink the vitamin C one's straight out of the tube when I feel like I am starting to get sick...so far so good.  These costs $13.90CAD a box.
Link: http://www.amway.ca/KirbyTham/Shop/Product/Product.aspx/NUTRILITE-NUTRILITE-Twist-Tube-Strawberry-Kiwi-Flavour-Vitamin-C-Boost?itemno=105483&dsNav=N:4294967214-4294965506
I drink these straight out of the tube..super strong flavour..but works so far
I also bought these multi purpose wipes for my purse.  They smell nice and they are suppose to be environmentally friendly.  This particular brand is called Legacy of Clean.  I also bought a bathroom cleaner but I didnt take pictures...LOL.  This came in a pack of 4 and costs $13.25CAD.  If you are an environmentally friendly person, check out the Legacy of Clean line, I care about the environment but I do not actively search for these products..lol
Link: http://www.amway.ca/KirbyTham/Shop/Product/Product.aspx/L-O-C-Multi-Purpose-Towelettes-96-count?itemno=107877


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