Sunday, June 24, 2012

Man Ri Sung, Richmond BC - Duck Feast

the owner/chef cutting our duck
Went to eat Peking duck at Man Ri Sung as recommended from a foodie coworker!  They serve this duck feast for 4 people for the price of $58.95CAD and I went there with my 8 friends and ordered 2 ducks.  You have to call at least 2 hours before hand for them to prepare the duck.  The owner is also the chef of the restaurant and he is quite chatty.  Apparently he is Korean and he went to Beijing to study how to prepare some Chinese cuisines and one of the items is the Peking duck.  He prepares it slightly different than the traditional way, instead of just skin you get meat along with the wrap.   We ordered the 잡채(Jap Chae) and the 순대(blood sausage) and the hot pot to come with the duck.  You can choose either hot pot with hand made fresh 刀削面(knife cut noodles) with the remaining duck after he slices most of the meat off. or duck congee.  We chose 2 hot pots.  All 9 of us couldn't finish the 2 duck courses and everything was delish! We didnt really eat all of the hot pot as it was a hot day and we were all sweating due to the heat. The hot pot would have been better in the winter or on a colder 

I love this place and I would definitely come back.  The only con I feel about this is that they hardly speak English here, you have to either speak Korean or Mandarin....they do speak some English, but keep it simple!
Location:  8211 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X1A7
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place setting had the sauce already for each person!
menu of what we ordered
my view of the owner/chef cutting our duck
the soondae..blood sausage.  They didnt like it, I am not a fan much rice
the yummy sliced duck!
masculine hand...not
All prepared to be rolled and eaten!
our table of food!
the hot pot came after we finished our duck
yummmmmm hand cut noodles!
 If you guys go and try this place, please let me know if you enjoyed it as much as I did! :D


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