Saturday, June 2, 2012

Poppin Cookin- sushi edition!

Finally made time to try out the Poppin cookin sushi edition.  It was fun but again as many people have mentioned, it is not very tasty.  I got lazy and didn't look up the instructions for how much water to add so I screwed up there but it was an enjoyable experience.  Would I buy it again?'s not worth the money.  I bought this kit at Candyland in Aberdeen Mall in Richmond, BC.  There were the other ones there as well but I thought the tobiko part would be more interesting.  The variety that they have there are: ice cream edition, donut edition, ramen edition and bento box edition.  It costs about $8.00CAD.
Here are the pictures:
back of the box with Japanese instructions
the wooden plate

teaching how to make the "seaweed"
opened and this is what you see
mix mix mixing the rice
nice fluffy rice
making the egg
also made the salmon
setting up to place my sushi down
making the tobiko
close up
tobiko looks so real!
made some nigiri

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