Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dyed my hair black with John Freida Precision Foam Hair Dye

I dyed my hair again!  My roots were growing out so I decided to go back to my original an extent..I dyed it blue black and used John Freida's Precision Foam Colour.  I actually did it during my stay in Seattle in the hotel! I loved the hotel (Hotel 1000) I stayed at...the bathroom was awesome and so convenient to dye my hair as my own bathroom is super small!

Here are the pictures of the bathroom, the tub is free standing and the water comes from the ceiling!  There is a separate shower too.

Hotel 1000 in Seattle's rubber ducky
shower and toilet room on left
cascading water from the ceiling!
such a beautiful tub
So back to the hair dye, it's almost exactly like the Prettia hair dye!  Same method and everything, the difference is that it has a strong hair dye smell.  It did come with fancy black everything else looked the same as Prettia.  I actually like this John Frieda one better than Prettia in the sense it feels like there is more product in it than the Prettia dyes.   I bought this hair dye at Walmart in the states and it is around $12.00USD.  
John Freida Precision Foam Hair Colour in blue black
The set of hair dye stuff
Right before I dyed my was brown!

From the back

The conditioner that came with the hair dye

instruction sheet
Look!  Looks like Prettia Foam Colour!
Squeeze squeeze squeeze!  Foamie!
me with the hair dye in my head! looks like I lathered it with shampoo
I dont have an official picture of me modelling my new hair...only of me eating my clam chowder with the new hair colour. black..super dark!
I do recommend this hair dye, it was very easy to work with and it was inexpensive.


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