Saturday, May 12, 2012

Two Tone Wig/Split Colour Wig

I bought a split coloured wig/ 2 tone wig online on eBay for $37.39USD and free shipping to Canada  It was split dark brown and blonde, super cute!  The problem is that it is a tad curly and I will need to uncurl it.  It comes with 2 hair clip pigtails that allows you to make the wig very anime like. :)  I really want to dye my hair like this but I am not brave enough so I shall stick with a wig now.   It also comes in alternative colours, check out the link below.
This is how it looked after I unwrapped it from the package
Link to eBay wig:

Here is my model!  His name is Cow and he is a hippo.

optional pigtail clips
2 colours!

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