Saturday, May 5, 2012

Seattle Trip- Shopping!

Bought a few items during my Seattle trip!  Picked up a pair of toms ballet flats, 3 shirts,  hair extensions and a magnetic nail polish.

I really wanted the Toms ballet flats once it launched but it costs over $90.00CAD to buy it in Vancouver.  It costs $78.00USD in the states so I waited until this trip!  I absolutely love love love these flats!  The grey leopard print is adorable! The inside is fuchsia and has the word one for one.  There are many styles of them but it was a tad difficult to find as the Alderwood Mall Norstrom were sold of my size.  I finally found a pair I like in Downtown Seattle's Nordstrom.  The sales lady told me to buy a size down and I bought a size 6.  I normally wear a 7.  I found that it fit well when I tried it on but when I started to walk it hurt so bad!  LOL...I think I got scammed because there were no size 7's left and she also tried to up sell me another pair of shoes that were $149.00USD...I almost bought it but realized that's not what I came  When I go back to the states again I will buy another pair of these Toms ballet flats (in an alternative colour), I will buy a size 7.
I bought 2 denim shirts and one pink tank blouse. The lighter denim shirt is from Forever 21 and the other denim shirt and tank blouse is from Love Culture.
The lighter denim shirt is $14.80USD and I bought a size small.
My other denim shirt is a darker wash with lace details on the shoulder/back area.  It was about $24.90USD and there was only a size large left...ironically it doesnt look like a large!
My pink blouse is a size medium and it was $17.90USD.  Again it is from Love Culture and it looks so cute dressing it up and dressing it down.
My 2 hair extension piece was from Hot Topic and was $3.99USD and $5.99USD. The zebra print was $3.99USD and the other 3 colour one is $5.99USD.

The magnetic nail polish was just a random purchase.  I was but haven't tried it out.



  1. Love your outfits with the pink blouse! Very cute :D

  2. Thanks for your nice comment Cin! :)