Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Toms Ballet Flats- Burlap Alessandra

After purchasing a pair of Toms ballet flats in Seattle that were a tad small I kept thinking that I need to buy myself another pair that actually fits.  I originally wanted the Alessandra burlap beige/black combo but I couldn't find them in Washington.  I got desperate and looked all around Vancouver for them and could not find them, seriously it was like "錢都買到" .  I went to places that should carry it OR had carried it earlier.  I went to Aritzia and other shoe stores in Downtown, Vancouver that supposedly should carry them and found out that they don't.  I went to Hills of Kerrisdale and they "had" them but shipped them back to the manufacturer because people complained of the weird fit.  -_____-  The Toms Canadian website had limited styles and I didn't want to shop online for them as I wanted to try the 6.5 and the 7.  I was surfing the Toms site and they so happened to have the Alessandra burlap in stock and I ended up buying it.  I purchased a size 7 as I think I'd prefer it be a bit big than too small.  The shipping took less than a week!  They are a little on the big side but I can always wear inserts!  They were $90.00CAD and with shipping it came to $107.00CAD.
Canadian Toms website: http://www.toms.ca/

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