Friday, May 18, 2012

Richmond Summer Night Market- Yummy Food!

The Original Richmond Night Market
The Richmond Summer Night Market has opened!  There are 2 locations in Richmond and both are now open!  I ave only been to the original(original being the same physical location as the years before) and have yet to go to the new location...dont know how the new location is...anyone that has been to both, want to let me know what's the difference?  I purely came to this location to eat!  Gobble gobble gobble!  I have specific places that I needed to go to and I managed to go to all of them before the huge crowd arrived!  Oh..I am going back to hunt for some BBQ squid that my friend said was time...I couldn't find it this time as the crowds were too big and I was discouraged to go back into the hordes of people.  The place opened at 6:30PM and the crowd arrived at 7:00PM..gah!  I was there with my bf waiting for it to open and get to all the food stalls before the crowd.
Location: 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond BC
The other location: 8351 River Rd, Richmond BC
just noticed that the spider man bouncy castle is weird...children enter between his legs and jump inside him........o____O
it's empty!! :D
Stopped at Top Wok first for 猪肉燒賣 pork shumai.  It was $3.00CAD and came as a skewer of 4.  My bf and I started to eat it and as I was eating my second piece I realized I had neglected to take a photo of it!! LOL...that's why there is only 1.5 left.

We also had 碗仔翅 Imitation shark fin soup at Top Wok as that's another must eat for me!  It was $5.00CAD for a size small.  I accidentally spammed it with white pepper.  -___- says SHARP fin soup!  Major funny.
Sharp fin soup!  It's actually imitation shark fin soup
red vinegar and pepper
Oh no...spammed my white pepper
it's okay, stirred it and its all good
Next stop is the oh so popular Xin Jiang Man BBQ skewers.  Service was so slow.....they took orders fast but cooking was slow and handing out the cooked food was even it was extremely smoky.  I would recommend eating this....but the wait is sad...they need more people working!  The lamb skewers we got was tender and juicy and oh so flavourful!  It was $6.75 for 3 skewers.  They have beef, lamb, chicken and shrimp.  I prefer lamb out of all of them.

they have fans going to blow the smoke away
oooOOOooo..juicy lamb skewers

Time to eat the spiral fried potatoes!  I specifically go to Hurricane Potato Fries as I think they are the original people that started this.  There are many other stalls now that serve the same food but I still think the original is the best!  It was $3.00CAD for 1 and $5.00CAD for 2.  They come dipped in a variety of flavours and I chose BBQ.  They are so popular that they have expanded and have 2 stalls now.

see!  expanded!
my swirly BBQ flavoured potato!
Lastly I had the roast corn that I love at Roasted Corn!  I thought it was $5.00CAD but I remembered wrong ad it's $3.00CAD.  Lovely, yummy, sweet and steaming hot!  I ordered a buttered corn on cob and sprinkled it with pepper and garlic salt.  They also expanded and have 2 stalls.
mmmmm corn!
 Oh..I also picked up 2 hair clips...they were not worth the price of 2 for $10.00CAD but I really wanted them..hahha..such cute clips!
front of bow clip
back of bow clip
front of flower clip
back of flower clip

Let me know how you like the night markets! ;)



  1. OH EM GEE thanks for the new location! I didn't know where it was!! I just went last night haha It is getting less crowded every year and the prices went up >.< booo~ Still love though LOL

    1. the new night market near casino apparently charges entrance fee of $1.00CAD -____-"

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