Sunday, May 20, 2012

Candyland- Chips, candy and mints~

Went to Candyland to stock up on my mints and chips.  I really like the Hong Kong Calbee chips, especially in BBQ flavour.  I was also looking for my baby packs of instant noodle snack but they didnt have any so I bought an alternative(the pink bag of noodle with that little Asian girl on it).  I saw the Popin Cookin Candy in the sushi edition and I finally ended up buying it.  I will take photos of the process after I open it.  :D  Candyland also carries the donut version, the bento box version, the instant noodle/gyoza version and the ice cream version.  I bought the sushi version because I thought this one would be the most fun.  I did want to try the instant noodle/gyoza version but the liquid in the noodle seemed
There are 2 locations of Candyland here, one in Burnaby and one in Richmond.  The one in Burnaby is located in Crystal Mall and the one in Richmond is located in Aberdeen Centre.
the 2different locations of Candyland on the bag
my juicy chewy candy
my Calbee potato chips- there are alternative flavours but I like this one the most
my alternative noodle snack
Popin Cookin Candy- sushi edition


  1. Oh my god, popin cookin sushi is indeed fun! But I thought it tasted really weird in my pinion :(

    1. lol...not sure if I will be eating mine after I play with it..but making the tobiko looks interesting! ;)

  2. I'm so glad that they sell the Popin' Cookin' at Candyland! I've been looking everywhere for them and I am estatic that they have them there!